The Wrong side of History

It is difficult to even list all the ways that this seems to be going wrong.

An administration which is teetering on fraud and corruption and straight out lies is astounding in any context. But when one considers that this is involves the Presidency of the United States it becomes all the more alarming.

The Greatest Hits of President Trump’s reality show to this point.

  1. An administration that actively seeks to harm minority rights, the compromised, and women.
  2. An administration that reduces protections of the consumer of all things electronic and web based in a time of unparalleled levels of spying of consumers by industry. All in the name of profit.
  3. An administration that actively colluded with Russia during and after the election in ways which compromise any legitimacy that President Trump may have which as the “drip-drip” of news and information continues only further erodes any confidence in anything that is said about it by the administration. Additionally the compromising of the first investigation by providing “information which will never be able to be confirmed.”       And new switch to blaming and creating doubt and fear is a tactic which has proved effective to this point for President Trump. How long will the public fall for this?
  4. An administration which actively sought to squelch any honest testimony though both intimidation and threats.
  5. An administration has backed up it’s belief that Global Warming does not exist by attempting to bring back one of the most harmful energy sources. Harmful for both the environment and those who work the mines.       What is ironic about this is the level of automation – if it comes back – which will severely reduce the work force which has been clamoring for it.
  6. An administration which is actively seeking “leaks” and presenting a Deep State. Seeking only an environment where there is Group Think. Dangerous in any situation.
  7. An administration which presents a budget which eliminates social programs essential to the poor, elderly, indigent, and veterans. Further demonstrating that President Trump has taken advantage of the very core of those who voted for him.
  8. An administration which proposes “choice” for education but it is a choice veiled in one thing. Money. This essentially removes the ability of America to become great.
  9. An administration which will actively reduce taxes on the wealthy and shift the burden – percentage wise – to the poor. Not the middle class. The poor.
  10. An administration which has zero accountability for false statements and spreads hatred and tolerates crimes against the less fortunate. A President which shows zero class and attacks and lies about a President who did more in the past eight years with little assistance from the very people who in the past week decided the Affordable Care Act is indeed better than anything that they can create.
  11. An administration which is essentially looking to harm the very proponent of being a GOP supporter.       Pro-life. Approving and reducing controls for chloropyrifos.       Why is this an issue?       Widespread use of these chemicals can affect the unborn fetus and damage brain growth. Not to mention the damage to the bees. Why was this undone? How? It was undone with no discussion or rational look at science. It was undone by someone who just may believe that the earth is flat. It was undone by another of … the billionaires club.
  12. An administration which continues to utilize multiple end-around using family in positions which they have and are vested in the very topics they have been appointed to.

It is the wrong side of history. As more people become entangled in the lies and creative use of facts by President Trump time will demonstrate just what is real and fake.

It may be time to call for President Trump to resign. The signs are becoming more clear by the day.


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Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Hatred, and the overall growth of things – Emmett Till

Recently an image of someone’s suffering inspired another human being. This image and imagery of the casket from Emmett Till’s funeral has a feeling that is not isolated to one race, sex, socioeconomic category. It is a tragedy on many levels and the meaning of it cannot ever be minimized if one is indeed a part of the human existence or humanity.

But let’s for a moment say that it is and can be minimized. Take for an example a situation which we change species – from the Homo Sapiens – to the Macropodidae. And in this case a member of the Macropodiadae is run over by a car. Is it true to say that only the Macropodiadae can mourn their loss? Why?

Racism exists and it exists on so many levels, colors, and hues. Expressing compassion for loss of and about Homo Sapiens regardless of race, color, gender, money, etc is the ultimate sign of growth by the species as we move forward into the onrushing future.

Parker Bright’s concerns over color and compassion which is purely based on race shows just how much further we have to go.

After all when I see a Kangaroo on the side of the road after being hit I feel compassion and pain for that animal. For that being.

It is part of the maturing of our society and humanity that we accept kindness and empathy. Those two things are not bound by “anything”. Bright’s statements that they are shows she has not considered the larger image of the future and is still in the past.


Texas A&M’s new Student Body President


First of all congratulations to Bobby Brooks.

And second congratulations to Texas A&M for being able to identify issues during the election and act.

And finally it is more than ironic that Rick Perry is having an issue with an election where the person who received the second most votes won.

Someone here looks to be vested in all the wrong issues.

But then this person is not familiar with basic science so we do have that.


Rep. Devin Nunes

Not much needs to be said here. During an active investigation where there is explicit evidence of tampering by the Russians of the election of 2016 Representative Nunes lets out information which “supports” his views? And then briefs President Trump? By going to extreme lengths to sabotage the intelligence committee’s efforts he has in the end only given more credence and strength to the fact the election was not only influenced but was won by their chosen participant. What is unfortunate is that instead of having concerns that this occurred and addressing it in the appropriate manner it appears that the Russians were prescient in their choice. Representative Nunes’s actions only continue to affirm this. An apology by President Trump for unfounded and bizarre claims is still needed. The briefing in no way shape or form backs up the tweet accusing President Obama of spying on him. Simply put…a lie.









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“I Apologize” President Trump

These are words one cannot imagine would be uttered from the leader of the free world.

They should be.  Accusing President Obama of wiretapping his phones and then making a big deal about it – in lieu of actual facts – is more than a little disheartening.

During the election cycle President Obama mostly stayed on the sidelines when it came to comments regarding President Trump. Now it is more apparent that he should not have. The President is not currently President because he ran a campaign based on truth and honesty and integrity.  President Trump is President because he ran a campaign based on deceit, corruption, and lies.  President Trump’s continued assault on the free press for reporting accurately the information as it becomes apparent further paints his words as skewed in truth, inaccurate, and generally deceptive. And as this continues to move forward – the Presidency of the 45th – it appears this is unlikely to wane.  This is perhaps the biggest issue.

Last anyone looked there is a new President in office. Attacking a former President who did more for the underprivileged, the climate, our education, and general rights generally, is appalling. It is however utilizing the play-book which allowed for President Trump to become President. Pander to the extreme right, drum up support from those who cannot utilize reason in a rational manner and stoke the flames of fear.

There is no honor in the words coming from President Trump’s mouth. There is no integrity from what he is saying. Ask Preet Bharara.

A man with the CIA and FBI at his disposal has many tools before him. He needs to utilize a few.

Starting with something most learned when they were just starting to play with and share some toys.  Some words that two-year-olds learn.  Two words.  And then why.

I’m Sorry.


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President Trump and the Billionaire’s Club views of Education


This past week our new President went out with his Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos promoting school choice for the masses of America.

At first glance this sounds like a positive thing. Being able to choose a school one wishes to go to and be a part of. The President and the new Education Secretary tout disadvantaged children and increasing access and the importance of this.

And this all sounds ideal and perfect until one looks at their choice. A private school is chosen. A private school with religious leanings is chosen. A private school with either yearly or monthly tuition is chosen. A private school which ‘selects’ who may attend is chosen. A private school which 9/10 people can ‘choose’ but will be rejected.

This initial demonstration is one which illustrates just what the vision of the future of education – if they are allowed to shape it – will look like.

Only the ‘Chosen’ will be selected.

And the rest of America?

What of them?



For context, the school chosen?  St Andrew Catholic School of Orlando.

Tuition per child 5900 a year  or 544.55 per month for 11 months.  Registration fee of 250 (non-refundable).

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Russian Intelligence and President Trump

This appears to be a story which is not going to be going away today, tomorrow, or in the future. It is very unfortunate.

President Trumps assertions that former President Obama “wiretapped” his resident and campaign base is intriguing.

At the President’s disposal are two agencies who can directly investigate these claims. Directors of both the FBI and the CIA. One appointed by the new President and one retained.

Neither agency has – or will – offer to support the President’s statements. The continuing usage of Alterative Facts by the President appears to be only to continue to mislead the public who choose to believe his lies. And as far as the media who prints every word as fact and truth? This is perhaps the most alarming thing. The ALT media prints as fact that intelligence was wire tapping President Trump. The actual true statement is that there are counter-intelligence agencies – FBI/CIA – which monitor who is talking to who in this county – remember Terrorism? – and because the conversations were not typical in nature, were not disclosed appropriately, and were occurring during and throughout an election cycle this caught the eye and ears of those who keep our country safe.

A question has to be asked regarding this. How long with the President assert clear falsehoods?

The ties to Russia continue to look more real by the day. The shell game President Trump presents is dishonest and dangerous.

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Make America Great! – update

While it would be premature to judge a president who is less than 60 days in office there are some distinct watermarks to observe at this point.

  1. The removal of guidance for a minority group and stating a move toward state rights. Utilizing power to not protect the weak but expose them.
  2. The offering of guidance on states choices for enforcement of certain drugs with the probably of returning billions of profits to Cartels and drugrunners. Utilizing power to return money to the strong and further hurt the weak.
  3. The barring of certain press agencies by the White House. Utilizing power to censure and control free speech.
  4. And for the first question for the White House…this goes to an ALT right publication whose vetting of information leave much to be desired. Using power to spread misinformation and often times lies.
  5. The continuation of crimes against minority groups that are both explicitly and implicitly tied to the White House.       The lack of condemnation by the President using his Social Media platform is both distressing and alarming.   Using power to support discrimination and hate.
  6. Making statements which alarm our allies and threaten our “non-friends” which essentially makes things less safe globally for both our citizens and our allies. Using power to hurt America specifically.
  7. Creating an informal – or formal depending – Billionaires club in positions which runs completely contrary to the “drain the swamp” mantra which many believed. Not one appointee at this point has anything in common with the populace which elected the President.
  8. Twitter. Need anything more be said here?
  9. Throw in here what you wish. Immigration ban, feud with Mexico, promotion of daughters clothes, promotion of resorts and branding, ethics –what -, protecting the planet, protecting people, protecting society, women’s rights etc…
  10. Russia.  #Russia

America is great. It allows for many amazing things to occur and they do essentially by the minute in this great country.

America is great for there are checks and balances in place which help all.

I want to be hopeful for the coming years under this President and see him settle into the position and come to comprehend what it truly means, find his balance, and truly lead.

ALT = HATE Dangerous

Big corporations are in business to make money. It is that simple. CEO’s on average make more than 20 Million a year which is probably low. For them it is a bottom line business. And right now Hate adds to the bottom line. It is a part of the diversification of their portfolio which will generate consistent profits. The question which must be asked is should any corporation include such a line – repression of others – when considering profit.

When did the bottom line which includes hate become profitable? Whenever it can be exploited to make money is the answer. And to exploit it in a manner which any CEO can justify is the rationale.

The reality is that repression and hate has been profitable for some time. The publishing company is simply following the steps of another successful company which profits from hate. Chic-fil-a. Society in America talks about fairness and equality but then in the same breath states it should only be for individuals who believe the same things as they do, go to the same church, are a certain race, etc.

The big question is whether or not authors are sincere in moving their books and writings from a publisher who has agreed to the views of Milo Yiannopoulos and publish the thoughts of someone such as this. And the perfect irony of it all which can’t be lost on anyone is that Milo is a gay man. One has to wonder if that is false and stated simply to inflame for otherwise there is no logic or reason to his views other then they are scattered, misplaced, and simply stated for the drama of the theater of which he is paid handsomely. And paid by many.

It won’t and isn’t enough to protest the views. It will mean doing something that actually shows that America is not going to contribute to the bottom line of the Corporation. The corporation has – Simon and Schuster – given their response which was tepid to the concerns.

As long as there is money to be made – and there is – someone will step in and make it.

Will anyone actually remove it?

Trump tells big Pharma – “Charge what you want! You deserve it!” Millions of Retirees react with Horror!


Today from the splendor of Trump Plaza, Mr. Trump the President-Elect addressed high pharmaceutical prices and did so in a manner which reflects his business side.


“If I sell a product – and I sell many as you know ! – I should be able to charge whatever price the market will bear. If I price it too high it won’t sell. If too low I won’t make any money! “ “Shame on those who say I can’t make money!”

Mr. Trump went on… “Our country was built on capitalism and telling anyone what they can do with what they produce is just wrong! Wrong! I will put a stop to this immediately!”

In other news …this is all fake. False. Untrue.


However this is what is accurate. The general population of the United States can no longer think critically. And if you are asking what thinking critically means then unfortunately you are a part of the problem and what is written here is not meant to be insulting or critical of you as a person. It simply is a fact.

There is money is fake news. A lot of money. The title above will generate more hits combined then anything I have written before. It will do so because it is believable and conceivable. And people both love and hate Mr. Trump.

Fake news is dangerous. As time goes it will become more apparent that not only was the election tilted by fake news it was severely compromised by it. This is beauty of our country. Anything can happen – and most likely will.

Go to any site you trust for news. Within that site you will see advertisements. This the direct result of the crash of the newspaper. At the bottom of these sites are such things as “you may like” . Click on these things and you end up anywhere and generally in a world of deception all generated to gather information and money.

Not long after the election – and during – there was a fake news article regarding a child sex ring being run out of a restaurant by Hillary Clinton. Anyone with some intelligence would immediately dismiss this thought and idea and move onto the next article about the stock market or an occurrence in their local town.  But the fact that it drove someone to go to that restaurant and fire a weapon is all too telling.

The premise with false news is that it has to be true unless it can be proven false. The was and is a large part of the election and those supporting the presidency of Donald Trump exploited the ignorance of the average American. And did so in a manner which did in the end allow for him to be elected.

Just how big of a deal is this? Russia is not hiding their joy at influencing and altering the course of Democracy.


Trusted sources of information is more difficult than ever at this time to find. Any website can be hacked and changed for an hour, day, week, etc this impacts everyone.

Our country has had elections compromised in the past. Generally this happened within.

This is the first time our election was altered by an external source/country.

Let’s just hope that “Trump Intelligence” does not become a misnomer.

President-Elect Trump and Hate…the unwritten connection – update 11/25/16

update:  President-Elect Trump continues to try to separate himself from the alt-right – – but like an ex one is trying to rid themselves of it is not quite that easy.  Using an ex and then just “dropping” them can cause them to do all sorts of crazy things if you aren’t careful.  This is a good start by our President-Elect but it is beginning to look like it will require some more overt actions.  And statements.



The other night Vice President-Elect Pence received from his constituents concerns about the directions that the new administration is going.


The concerns stated were perhaps not the most appropriate – someone is out on the town and paying (in theory) a lot to be there – and is in a sense accosted by the staff when you are there to be entertained.

And in a different time, a different era how this was done could be taken offense of.

However…in light of how their campaign was run and the “lack” of civility and tone, neither the President Elect nor the Vice-President Elect should expect or have any right to demand civility. That was left at the door approximately eighteen months ago. No more needs to be said of this point.

The concerns stated are simple. Will you be an advocate for human rights or will you be something else. The past few week has begun to paint a picture of just who the President may be.

Appearing on 60 Minutes was telling. A short video of “White Power” with Trump signs appeared for less than 5 seconds. The response from the President-Elect was just as brief. And even more disappointing.

The President-Elect is more than aware of how he reached this point. He did so by seeking and then fanning the flames of discontent and hatred. “Stop it” were his words in response to the video?

Such hatred and hurt deserves more from someone who can be an advocate for human rights. These actions and activities have grown in numbers as the days pass.

Actor Brandon Victor Dixon said more and acted more decisively then our soon-to-be President. The concerns stated are more than just a little valid.

And just a little bit of a warning is expressed to the President-Elect on this point.

A continuation of your engagement of those who have opinions which are cloaked in the language of hate and suppression and that some people are less worthy of others based on archaic beliefs of right and wrong will bring ruin to your term in many ways.

It will however bring together the United States. A States United in repressing, revealing, and ultimately eliminating Hate. It has no place in this society and those that believe it does will find their places in society minimized.

Make a statement about Hate President Trump.

Make no excuses…the country is waiting for you to speak.  Not a soundbite.  A statement on what Hate means and what it looks like.  And state clearly what you stand for.  A statement of clarity.


I honestly am an optimist and believe you said whatever you could to be elected and are actually unlike what any of the far right believe you to be. I hope I am right.

Our President (45)

It should be said that regardless of whether you voted for the President or not, say that he is your President or not, this fact will remain…he is Our President.

The election is complete and there are new opportunities for Our President.

There is the opportunity to lead. There is an opportunity to protect. There is an opportunity to move forward. And most importantly…there is an opportunity to heal.

These are all opportunities which are available as we move into the future with 45.

Time will tell whether the far right or far left will influence Our President.

Time will tell whether Our President is a leader who will not be influenced by fear, hatred, or intimidation.

There were statements made during the push to 45. One statement stands above all.

This statement. This, that Our President would not be a part of the status quo.

This President has an opportunity to protect the compromised, assist the weak, and speak out and do something for the rights of the oppressed and unite all on the basis of Humanity. Do so in a manner which is not based on religion, race, affiliation, or affluence.

Great opportunities await this President.

President Trump can be a leader.

May it be so.