Empathy, Emotional Intelligence, Hatred, and the overall growth of things – Emmett Till

Recently an image of someone’s suffering inspired another human being. This image and imagery of the casket from Emmett Till’s funeral has a feeling that is not isolated to one race, sex, socioeconomic category. It is a tragedy on many levels and the meaning of it cannot ever be minimized if one is indeed a part of the human existence or humanity.

But let’s for a moment say that it is and can be minimized. Take for an example a situation which we change species – from the Homo Sapiens – to the Macropodidae. And in this case a member of the Macropodiadae is run over by a car. Is it true to say that only the Macropodiadae can mourn their loss? Why?

Racism exists and it exists on so many levels, colors, and hues. Expressing compassion for loss of and about Homo Sapiens regardless of race, color, gender, money, etc is the ultimate sign of growth by the species as we move forward into the onrushing future.

Parker Bright’s concerns over color and compassion which is purely based on race shows just how much further we have to go.

After all when I see a Kangaroo on the side of the road after being hit I feel compassion and pain for that animal. For that being.

It is part of the maturing of our society and humanity that we accept kindness and empathy. Those two things are not bound by “anything”. Bright’s statements that they are shows she has not considered the larger image of the future and is still in the past.


Texas A&M’s new Student Body President


First of all congratulations to Bobby Brooks.

And second congratulations to Texas A&M for being able to identify issues during the election and act.

And finally it is more than ironic that Rick Perry is having an issue with an election where the person who received the second most votes won.

Someone here looks to be vested in all the wrong issues.

But then this person is not familiar with basic science so we do have that.


Rep. Devin Nunes

Not much needs to be said here. During an active investigation where there is explicit evidence of tampering by the Russians of the election of 2016 Representative Nunes lets out information which “supports” his views? And then briefs President Trump? By going to extreme lengths to sabotage the intelligence committee’s efforts he has in the end only given more credence and strength to the fact the election was not only influenced but was won by their chosen participant. What is unfortunate is that instead of having concerns that this occurred and addressing it in the appropriate manner it appears that the Russians were prescient in their choice. Representative Nunes’s actions only continue to affirm this. An apology by President Trump for unfounded and bizarre claims is still needed. The briefing in no way shape or form backs up the tweet accusing President Obama of spying on him. Simply put…a lie.









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“I Apologize” President Trump

These are words one cannot imagine would be uttered from the leader of the free world.

They should be.  Accusing President Obama of wiretapping his phones and then making a big deal about it – in lieu of actual facts – is more than a little disheartening.

During the election cycle President Obama mostly stayed on the sidelines when it came to comments regarding President Trump. Now it is more apparent that he should not have. The President is not currently President because he ran a campaign based on truth and honesty and integrity.  President Trump is President because he ran a campaign based on deceit, corruption, and lies.  President Trump’s continued assault on the free press for reporting accurately the information as it becomes apparent further paints his words as skewed in truth, inaccurate, and generally deceptive. And as this continues to move forward – the Presidency of the 45th – it appears this is unlikely to wane.  This is perhaps the biggest issue.

Last anyone looked there is a new President in office. Attacking a former President who did more for the underprivileged, the climate, our education, and general rights generally, is appalling. It is however utilizing the play-book which allowed for President Trump to become President. Pander to the extreme right, drum up support from those who cannot utilize reason in a rational manner and stoke the flames of fear.

There is no honor in the words coming from President Trump’s mouth. There is no integrity from what he is saying. Ask Preet Bharara.

A man with the CIA and FBI at his disposal has many tools before him. He needs to utilize a few.

Starting with something most learned when they were just starting to play with and share some toys.  Some words that two-year-olds learn.  Two words.  And then why.

I’m Sorry.


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President Trump and the Billionaire’s Club views of Education


This past week our new President went out with his Education Secretary, Betsy DeVos promoting school choice for the masses of America.

At first glance this sounds like a positive thing. Being able to choose a school one wishes to go to and be a part of. The President and the new Education Secretary tout disadvantaged children and increasing access and the importance of this.

And this all sounds ideal and perfect until one looks at their choice. A private school is chosen. A private school with religious leanings is chosen. A private school with either yearly or monthly tuition is chosen. A private school which ‘selects’ who may attend is chosen. A private school which 9/10 people can ‘choose’ but will be rejected.

This initial demonstration is one which illustrates just what the vision of the future of education – if they are allowed to shape it – will look like.

Only the ‘Chosen’ will be selected.

And the rest of America?

What of them?



For context, the school chosen?  St Andrew Catholic School of Orlando.  http://saintandrewcatholiccommunity.org/school/

Tuition per child 5900 a year  or 544.55 per month for 11 months.  Registration fee of 250 (non-refundable).

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Russian Intelligence and President Trump

This appears to be a story which is not going to be going away today, tomorrow, or in the future. It is very unfortunate.

President Trumps assertions that former President Obama “wiretapped” his resident and campaign base is intriguing.

At the President’s disposal are two agencies who can directly investigate these claims. Directors of both the FBI and the CIA. One appointed by the new President and one retained.

Neither agency has – or will – offer to support the President’s statements. The continuing usage of Alterative Facts by the President appears to be only to continue to mislead the public who choose to believe his lies. And as far as the media who prints every word as fact and truth? This is perhaps the most alarming thing. The ALT media prints as fact that intelligence was wire tapping President Trump. The actual true statement is that there are counter-intelligence agencies – FBI/CIA – which monitor who is talking to who in this county – remember Terrorism? – and because the conversations were not typical in nature, were not disclosed appropriately, and were occurring during and throughout an election cycle this caught the eye and ears of those who keep our country safe.

A question has to be asked regarding this. How long with the President assert clear falsehoods?

The ties to Russia continue to look more real by the day. The shell game President Trump presents is dishonest and dangerous.

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