You’re Fired!

Two words that you’ve heard if you have been in the workforce for any significant period of time. Either as the one having it done to them or you doing it.

There is a certain clarity when this happens.

And it is not easy. It is not easy for the one who is released and it is not easy for the one doing it.

There is almost always a measure of respect and sincerity when this occurs. On both sides.

For the person doing the firing they must be of a certain temperament to do this. The ability to look the person in they eyes knowing they are going to change the life of the person before them. There is an accountability to this. There is an honor to this. And mostly… there is a responsibility. The responsibility comes from the general fact that you put them in the position and now you are removing them.

Our President demonstrates none of these things.

Our country is better than this.


#You’re Fired!