Treason and Trump – Lack of a Moral Center

Recently it has come out that even prior to moving into the White House our President had multiple discussions with Saudi Arabia regarding generation of nuclear power.

Why would this even be?

At this point in the cycle of the Trump presidency it has become apparent that if there is profit for this man and his family he will do it. There is no stopping the greed on any level.

Taking advantage of compromised individuals? – yes he will do it!

Exploiting the planet at a level not seen in decades? – yes he will do it!

Giving breaks to the wealthiest 1% of the United States? – yes he will do it!

Shifting all services from those who can pay for it to those who cannot? – yes he will do it!

Almost sounds like a very bad Adam Sandler movie…and that is a disservice to Adam Sandler!!  Because he rocks!

And now the discussions are beginning again with Saudi Arabia about passing our technology – this time in a more open forum – but again in the shadows. Again Trump and his cohorts are seeking to circumvent the controls which have been put into place to protect our secrets.

The question around this is why is this happening again. The simple answer is there is profit and it is mind boggling profit. This country has literally Billions – yes the big B – to spend and the Trump consortium is not going to let simple things like rules of Congress or moral issues of Right and Wrong get in their way of making money.

Jamal Khashoggi.  A name which needs to be brought up again and again…

It is mindboggling that we – as a country – are ok with giving technology to a regime that actively suppresses its citizens to the extent of death.