President-Elect Trump and Hate…the unwritten connection – update 11/25/16

update:  President-Elect Trump continues to try to separate himself from the alt-right – – but like an ex one is trying to rid themselves of it is not quite that easy.  Using an ex and then just “dropping” them can cause them to do all sorts of crazy things if you aren’t careful.  This is a good start by our President-Elect but it is beginning to look like it will require some more overt actions.  And statements.



The other night Vice President-Elect Pence received from his constituents concerns about the directions that the new administration is going.


The concerns stated were perhaps not the most appropriate – someone is out on the town and paying (in theory) a lot to be there – and is in a sense accosted by the staff when you are there to be entertained.

And in a different time, a different era how this was done could be taken offense of.

However…in light of how their campaign was run and the “lack” of civility and tone, neither the President Elect nor the Vice-President Elect should expect or have any right to demand civility. That was left at the door approximately eighteen months ago. No more needs to be said of this point.

The concerns stated are simple. Will you be an advocate for human rights or will you be something else. The past few week has begun to paint a picture of just who the President may be.

Appearing on 60 Minutes was telling. A short video of “White Power” with Trump signs appeared for less than 5 seconds. The response from the President-Elect was just as brief. And even more disappointing.

The President-Elect is more than aware of how he reached this point. He did so by seeking and then fanning the flames of discontent and hatred. “Stop it” were his words in response to the video?

Such hatred and hurt deserves more from someone who can be an advocate for human rights. These actions and activities have grown in numbers as the days pass.

Actor Brandon Victor Dixon said more and acted more decisively then our soon-to-be President. The concerns stated are more than just a little valid.

And just a little bit of a warning is expressed to the President-Elect on this point.

A continuation of your engagement of those who have opinions which are cloaked in the language of hate and suppression and that some people are less worthy of others based on archaic beliefs of right and wrong will bring ruin to your term in many ways.

It will however bring together the United States. A States United in repressing, revealing, and ultimately eliminating Hate. It has no place in this society and those that believe it does will find their places in society minimized.

Make a statement about Hate President Trump.

Make no excuses…the country is waiting for you to speak.  Not a soundbite.  A statement on what Hate means and what it looks like.  And state clearly what you stand for.  A statement of clarity.


I honestly am an optimist and believe you said whatever you could to be elected and are actually unlike what any of the far right believe you to be. I hope I am right.


Our President (45)

It should be said that regardless of whether you voted for the President or not, say that he is your President or not, this fact will remain…he is Our President.

The election is complete and there are new opportunities for Our President.

There is the opportunity to lead. There is an opportunity to protect. There is an opportunity to move forward. And most importantly…there is an opportunity to heal.

These are all opportunities which are available as we move into the future with 45.

Time will tell whether the far right or far left will influence Our President.

Time will tell whether Our President is a leader who will not be influenced by fear, hatred, or intimidation.

There were statements made during the push to 45. One statement stands above all.

This statement. This, that Our President would not be a part of the status quo.

This President has an opportunity to protect the compromised, assist the weak, and speak out and do something for the rights of the oppressed and unite all on the basis of Humanity. Do so in a manner which is not based on religion, race, affiliation, or affluence.

Great opportunities await this President.

President Trump can be a leader.

May it be so.