Our President (45)

It should be said that regardless of whether you voted for the President or not, say that he is your President or not, this fact will remain…he is Our President.

The election is complete and there are new opportunities for Our President.

There is the opportunity to lead. There is an opportunity to protect. There is an opportunity to move forward. And most importantly…there is an opportunity to heal.

These are all opportunities which are available as we move into the future with 45.

Time will tell whether the far right or far left will influence Our President.

Time will tell whether Our President is a leader who will not be influenced by fear, hatred, or intimidation.

There were statements made during the push to 45. One statement stands above all.

This statement. This, that Our President would not be a part of the status quo.

This President has an opportunity to protect the compromised, assist the weak, and speak out and do something for the rights of the oppressed and unite all on the basis of Humanity. Do so in a manner which is not based on religion, race, affiliation, or affluence.

Great opportunities await this President.

President Trump can be a leader.

May it be so.


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