Nice, France

There was a time in my life that I really did not believe that there was evil in this world.

Sure I believed that there were and are bad people out there. But in general I did not believe there was evil.

Of course as a child I did not know of the horrors of the various genocides that were committed.

And as that child I grew and learned of the things that we, a people, are capable of. Even with that knowledge I still questioned the “why” of it all.

I wondered if there was not some sort of Darwinism affect or meaning to it all. And perhaps as a general species there is a tie. But it is a tie which I cannot attribute to Darwin simply because after a bit of time – and the complete lack of reason – for the image of destruction just becomes just that. To destroy.

At this time we are not officially at war – any country, any nation – with anyone.

However for whatever reason there are innocent people dying in this undeclared war.

What occurred in Nice, France cannot be claimed as a victory by any legitimate opponent for the targets were and are complete innocents and not a part of the theater of war by any sense of reason.

And any group that does see this attack on Nice as a legitimate action to further their cause can only be described as one thing.

It is time to make this official.

And if you think it isn’t? The just take a moment to remember all the attacks in all of the countries that have occurred in the last five years.

End this with Nice.


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