When It Is Ok to Discriminate in Today’s Modern World.

Never. This is the short answer.


And the long answer as well.

Regrettably, there are multiple bills across this nation stating for various reasons that it is ok to do so.

And just writing that sentence…writing this sentence seems like we have as a society stepped back at least twenty years in time.

Somewhere out there it became ok to state that your religion makes it ok to be this way.

Is not the foundation of any God love upon all it sees? Or does it spite those who live a life which is considered different or alternative?  The arguments begin to get heated when the foundation of any argument of God is that there is the underlying assertion:  God created all.  If this very simple premise is true then there is no basis to discriminate against any creature of God.  God created all.

Unfortunately there are more of those who hang on the past than the future. The past however also includes women who do not go to school and children who leave the home to work before fifteen.

I always find it ironic when any woman argues against equal rights for all.

Humanity’s success requires inclusiveness to be able move forward and advance.

Like rotary phones, horse and buggies, and tube televisions may this fade to obsolesces.