Republican Senator Cindy Hyde-Smith and Hate

We ask sometimes what does hate and racism look like. Well at a time when the country really doesn’t need another example…we got another example.

And yes. Mr. Trump is tied to it too.

From her own words…“In referencing the one who invited me, I used an exaggerated expression of regard, and any attempt to turn this into a negative connotation is ridiculous.”

Her actual words were, “If he invited me to a public hanging, I’d be on the front row.” apparently attempting to demonstrate how worthy someone is to her.

Just a comment here. But examples of more appropriate “exaggerated expression of regard” may be taken from this following list: Awesome! I can’t wait! I’ll be there with bells on! 100! You Bet! I’m looking forward to it! I’m Excited! Great!






The Media and Trump

Using the term media is misleading. Media generally is comprised of journalists. Journalists are individuals who have spent years in school learning how to write and interpret what is being said to them.

In some ways this is yet another part of the effort to discredit what is written and thought of this presidency.  You are all journalists.

Mr. Trump is unlike anything our journalists have seen before. This is the truth. Another reality is that they are woefully ill-equipped to engage with him on his level. And we have seen this time and again. As soon as a journalist steps into the arena and he has the microphone he will pull you down. He reviles in this. In a lot of ways Mr. Trump is a street fighter who has been fighting all his life and has all the broken bones and scars from all his battles. He survived. Our journalists are an different animal entirely. They are well read, articulate, and are creatures of culture. Place these individuals in a ring – street fighter and journalist – and see the carnage.  Mr. Trump has the microphone he will stop at nothing to try to destroy you.  Know this.  Prepare for this.  Train.

And you know something…this is not a bad thing.  Just be ready.

The questions which are being asked need to continue.

You are respected and intelligent and this democracy needs you.

What we don’t need is for you to fall prey to the traps which are laid before you.

Rise above them and be the writers you are.

Jim Acosta. Hang in there. All journalist please hang in there. The next time you are berated and belittled and insulted just thank Mr. Trump for his time and relent. Take away his fire. Responding to insults lowers yourself to his level.

It may be time to have a canned response to his insults.

Maybe something like this. “I appreciate what you are expressing Mr. Trump and I disagree but that is not what I ask, am commenting on nor, requesting input on. May I ask the question? Yes? …..”   Then ask it. If he wants to browbeat you or say how fake the media is let him and then again go to the canned response. ….”I appreciate what you are saying…..       Stop engaging the Idiocracy.