Ode to my EV

When driving, I at first, didn’t know what to think,
So quick and fast
Leaving everyone, alas, in the past

But now, coming up on two years
I find I still do this
And with this have noticed unexpected things.

I have noticed that with no more CO2 clogging my lungs,
How the lips of a woman taste so much better
How the wine has become somehow more deep, fuller, and complex
And her perfume, as she sits next to me, more intoxicating with intensity
Which is compelling me to write this to my EV.

There are days where the air is bad
I can taste it where before I didn’t and almost feel weight with each breath
And then when the rain falls?
It smells anew, fresher and clearer than ever before
And when next to a smoker, sitting at a light with their windows closed,
I can smell this too and can’t wait to move forward 

I had no idea changing my car would mean these things
I get into an ICE and can smell it instantly
I wonder to myself just how poisoned I was from it all
And just how much better I will continue to feel
As time grows apart from that
To this.