Honoring the dead and the living: What does Humanity mean? Potential Realized.

July 7, 2016 is a date that as time passes will be no different than any other date. It is a day that many things will have happened which were both good and bad. It is a day which should be remembered for and be cherished for the good while putting into context the bad. Regardless of the loss there is and will be more gained from the events of this day. But let’s not minimize this loss for it is great. This loss is and will be quite painful for some time. It is a pain which will not lessen or be forgotten but it is also a pain which will strengthen and improve things. Much can be gained.

The date of July 7th of 2016 should be looked upon as an opportunity to have another frank conversation of what it means to discriminate.

Webster defines discrimination as “the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people.”

At this point we should probably identify a few things. And do so in a very simple way.

There are in this world bad people. There are people who seek to hurt others, exploit others, damage others. This is simply true of humanity and will always be the case. It is one of our greatest failings simply put. But in large part the greatest asset of our humanity is in helping others become more generally and specifically. This part of humanity – in all of us – casts a light which in reality shines so bright that nothing else can be seen. The darkness which we struggle with at this point, is in not realizing this. Our lives should be ruled by the premise that humanity in general is good and is indeed the majority, not the minority.

This is written today to honor those who lost their lives needlessly these past few days. Everyone.

This is also a reminder to remember that as a society and as a person that if you are treating another in a certain manner which is different than you normally do then please “reset” what you are doing. How a person moves forward determines the outcome of the future. This is true for all sides of this argument. And it should be noted that there is the uncomfortable fact that laws are written – and being pursued to be passed – which are in direct conflict with our humanity as a whole. Appreciate the individual who is before you and the benefits for all will be limitless.

Remember that Humanity and this experience of ours is to be cherished.

May our loss at this moment in time result in the realization of the true potential of Humanity.

Potential Realized.


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