Russian Intelligence and President Trump

This appears to be a story which is not going to be going away today, tomorrow, or in the future. It is very unfortunate.

President Trumps assertions that former President Obama “wiretapped” his resident and campaign base is intriguing.

At the President’s disposal are two agencies who can directly investigate these claims. Directors of both the FBI and the CIA. One appointed by the new President and one retained.

Neither agency has – or will – offer to support the President’s statements. The continuing usage of Alterative Facts by the President appears to be only to continue to mislead the public who choose to believe his lies. And as far as the media who prints every word as fact and truth? This is perhaps the most alarming thing. The ALT media prints as fact that intelligence was wire tapping President Trump. The actual true statement is that there are counter-intelligence agencies – FBI/CIA – which monitor who is talking to who in this county – remember Terrorism? – and because the conversations were not typical in nature, were not disclosed appropriately, and were occurring during and throughout an election cycle this caught the eye and ears of those who keep our country safe.

A question has to be asked regarding this. How long with the President assert clear falsehoods?

The ties to Russia continue to look more real by the day. The shell game President Trump presents is dishonest and dangerous.

#TrumpRussia, #Trump4America, #makeamericagreat, #istrumpafraud




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