Trump tells big Pharma – “Charge what you want! You deserve it!” Millions of Retirees react with Horror!


Today from the splendor of Trump Plaza, Mr. Trump the President-Elect addressed high pharmaceutical prices and did so in a manner which reflects his business side.


“If I sell a product – and I sell many as you know ! – I should be able to charge whatever price the market will bear. If I price it too high it won’t sell. If too low I won’t make any money! “ “Shame on those who say I can’t make money!”

Mr. Trump went on… “Our country was built on capitalism and telling anyone what they can do with what they produce is just wrong! Wrong! I will put a stop to this immediately!”

In other news …this is all fake. False. Untrue.


However this is what is accurate. The general population of the United States can no longer think critically. And if you are asking what thinking critically means then unfortunately you are a part of the problem and what is written here is not meant to be insulting or critical of you as a person. It simply is a fact.

There is money is fake news. A lot of money. The title above will generate more hits combined then anything I have written before. It will do so because it is believable and conceivable. And people both love and hate Mr. Trump.

Fake news is dangerous. As time goes it will become more apparent that not only was the election tilted by fake news it was severely compromised by it. This is beauty of our country. Anything can happen – and most likely will.

Go to any site you trust for news. Within that site you will see advertisements. This the direct result of the crash of the newspaper. At the bottom of these sites are such things as “you may like” . Click on these things and you end up anywhere and generally in a world of deception all generated to gather information and money.

Not long after the election – and during – there was a fake news article regarding a child sex ring being run out of a restaurant by Hillary Clinton. Anyone with some intelligence would immediately dismiss this thought and idea and move onto the next article about the stock market or an occurrence in their local town.  But the fact that it drove someone to go to that restaurant and fire a weapon is all too telling.

The premise with false news is that it has to be true unless it can be proven false. The was and is a large part of the election and those supporting the presidency of Donald Trump exploited the ignorance of the average American. And did so in a manner which did in the end allow for him to be elected.

Just how big of a deal is this? Russia is not hiding their joy at influencing and altering the course of Democracy.


Trusted sources of information is more difficult than ever at this time to find. Any website can be hacked and changed for an hour, day, week, etc this impacts everyone.

Our country has had elections compromised in the past. Generally this happened within.

This is the first time our election was altered by an external source/country.

Let’s just hope that “Trump Intelligence” does not become a misnomer.

President-Elect Trump and Hate…the unwritten connection – update 11/25/16

update:  President-Elect Trump continues to try to separate himself from the alt-right – – but like an ex one is trying to rid themselves of it is not quite that easy.  Using an ex and then just “dropping” them can cause them to do all sorts of crazy things if you aren’t careful.  This is a good start by our President-Elect but it is beginning to look like it will require some more overt actions.  And statements.



The other night Vice President-Elect Pence received from his constituents concerns about the directions that the new administration is going.


The concerns stated were perhaps not the most appropriate – someone is out on the town and paying (in theory) a lot to be there – and is in a sense accosted by the staff when you are there to be entertained.

And in a different time, a different era how this was done could be taken offense of.

However…in light of how their campaign was run and the “lack” of civility and tone, neither the President Elect nor the Vice-President Elect should expect or have any right to demand civility. That was left at the door approximately eighteen months ago. No more needs to be said of this point.

The concerns stated are simple. Will you be an advocate for human rights or will you be something else. The past few week has begun to paint a picture of just who the President may be.

Appearing on 60 Minutes was telling. A short video of “White Power” with Trump signs appeared for less than 5 seconds. The response from the President-Elect was just as brief. And even more disappointing.

The President-Elect is more than aware of how he reached this point. He did so by seeking and then fanning the flames of discontent and hatred. “Stop it” were his words in response to the video?

Such hatred and hurt deserves more from someone who can be an advocate for human rights. These actions and activities have grown in numbers as the days pass.

Actor Brandon Victor Dixon said more and acted more decisively then our soon-to-be President. The concerns stated are more than just a little valid.

And just a little bit of a warning is expressed to the President-Elect on this point.

A continuation of your engagement of those who have opinions which are cloaked in the language of hate and suppression and that some people are less worthy of others based on archaic beliefs of right and wrong will bring ruin to your term in many ways.

It will however bring together the United States. A States United in repressing, revealing, and ultimately eliminating Hate. It has no place in this society and those that believe it does will find their places in society minimized.

Make a statement about Hate President Trump.

Make no excuses…the country is waiting for you to speak.  Not a soundbite.  A statement on what Hate means and what it looks like.  And state clearly what you stand for.  A statement of clarity.


I honestly am an optimist and believe you said whatever you could to be elected and are actually unlike what any of the far right believe you to be. I hope I am right.

Our President (45)

It should be said that regardless of whether you voted for the President or not, say that he is your President or not, this fact will remain…he is Our President.

The election is complete and there are new opportunities for Our President.

There is the opportunity to lead. There is an opportunity to protect. There is an opportunity to move forward. And most importantly…there is an opportunity to heal.

These are all opportunities which are available as we move into the future with 45.

Time will tell whether the far right or far left will influence Our President.

Time will tell whether Our President is a leader who will not be influenced by fear, hatred, or intimidation.

There were statements made during the push to 45. One statement stands above all.

This statement. This, that Our President would not be a part of the status quo.

This President has an opportunity to protect the compromised, assist the weak, and speak out and do something for the rights of the oppressed and unite all on the basis of Humanity. Do so in a manner which is not based on religion, race, affiliation, or affluence.

Great opportunities await this President.

President Trump can be a leader.

May it be so.

Nice, France

There was a time in my life that I really did not believe that there was evil in this world.

Sure I believed that there were and are bad people out there. But in general I did not believe there was evil.

Of course as a child I did not know of the horrors of the various genocides that were committed.

And as that child I grew and learned of the things that we, a people, are capable of. Even with that knowledge I still questioned the “why” of it all.

I wondered if there was not some sort of Darwinism affect or meaning to it all. And perhaps as a general species there is a tie. But it is a tie which I cannot attribute to Darwin simply because after a bit of time – and the complete lack of reason – for the image of destruction just becomes just that. To destroy.

At this time we are not officially at war – any country, any nation – with anyone.

However for whatever reason there are innocent people dying in this undeclared war.

What occurred in Nice, France cannot be claimed as a victory by any legitimate opponent for the targets were and are complete innocents and not a part of the theater of war by any sense of reason.

And any group that does see this attack on Nice as a legitimate action to further their cause can only be described as one thing.

It is time to make this official.

And if you think it isn’t? The just take a moment to remember all the attacks in all of the countries that have occurred in the last five years.

End this with Nice.

Honoring the dead and the living: What does Humanity mean? Potential Realized.

July 7, 2016 is a date that as time passes will be no different than any other date. It is a day that many things will have happened which were both good and bad. It is a day which should be remembered for and be cherished for the good while putting into context the bad. Regardless of the loss there is and will be more gained from the events of this day. But let’s not minimize this loss for it is great. This loss is and will be quite painful for some time. It is a pain which will not lessen or be forgotten but it is also a pain which will strengthen and improve things. Much can be gained.

The date of July 7th of 2016 should be looked upon as an opportunity to have another frank conversation of what it means to discriminate.

Webster defines discrimination as “the practice of unfairly treating a person or group of people differently from other people or groups of people.”

At this point we should probably identify a few things. And do so in a very simple way.

There are in this world bad people. There are people who seek to hurt others, exploit others, damage others. This is simply true of humanity and will always be the case. It is one of our greatest failings simply put. But in large part the greatest asset of our humanity is in helping others become more generally and specifically. This part of humanity – in all of us – casts a light which in reality shines so bright that nothing else can be seen. The darkness which we struggle with at this point, is in not realizing this. Our lives should be ruled by the premise that humanity in general is good and is indeed the majority, not the minority.

This is written today to honor those who lost their lives needlessly these past few days. Everyone.

This is also a reminder to remember that as a society and as a person that if you are treating another in a certain manner which is different than you normally do then please “reset” what you are doing. How a person moves forward determines the outcome of the future. This is true for all sides of this argument. And it should be noted that there is the uncomfortable fact that laws are written – and being pursued to be passed – which are in direct conflict with our humanity as a whole. Appreciate the individual who is before you and the benefits for all will be limitless.

Remember that Humanity and this experience of ours is to be cherished.

May our loss at this moment in time result in the realization of the true potential of Humanity.

Potential Realized.

UN health agency rejects call to postpone Rio Olympics

I suppose that is the title that says it all.

It is however more than that. It is dangerous. And irresponsible.

I was thinking of some analogies with just how bad this is. Consider.

  1. Sending people into the Ebola zone of last year. And then dispersing them worldwide.
  2. When AIDS first appears and send people from every continent to the source and then sending them home. To have unprotected sex.
  3. And finally…send people from every part of the world to an area where there is zero containment, no addressing of current vectors of infection, and then the misleading and resistance to provide just how bad the situation is.

It is number three which is going to occur at this point. This will lead to world-wide birth defects, health issues, and death.

Instead of seeking to contain and eliminate an issue we will actively seek to assist a pathogen?

Can this really be true?


Sometimes we forget the beauty in this world.

It can be as simple as the music of a melodious laugh,

Or as bright as the shining smile.

There are many things occurring in this place of ours.

It is indeed ours and our ownership is most likely lacking.

But it should be noted that regardless of this we should not stop striving to protect and ensure,

That the beauty there is today,

Can possibly be here tomorrow.

War Peace War

Currently we are spending Billions on a war which appears to have no end.

When would we consider to spend that same amount on Peace?

When those in the nations have yearly incomes of less than a thousand (1000) dollars a year imagine the difference even a million dollars would/will have.

It begins with education. An area which even in our country we are falling down on.

Infrastructure. Schools.  Hospitals.  Roads.

An actual future built for those countries and eventually for this world.

Welcome to the Rio Olympics – a place of Beauty and Wonder.

Soon this region will accept into their fold the elite athletes and their families and coaches. It is a time where all the years of hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded through possible new records, achievements and accomplishments.

It is a time which much preparation has gone into. Unfortunately this preparation has been almost entirely one-sided.  The single-minded drive and passion of the athletes should be reflected by the venue which this year is happening in Rio.

So a few numbers to consider. The number of actual participants.  The number of volunteers.  The number of coaches.  The number of sponsors.  The number of dollars.  The number of mosquitoes.

Currently the World Health Organization has completely minimized the issues around the Zika virus and the mosquitoes which are responsible for it.

Just a cursory glance at the facts and the information coming out of the area make relatively simple conclusions which correlate with that information.


  1. Over a year ago it was determined that the water in venues which the athletes were to be competing was not safe. That individuals were getting ill and showing symptoms from any exposure to the water.
  2. That any testing that was to be done was slowed to the point that it was and is only effective is showing that there is an issue. But what exactly is that issue?
  3. These issues did not just “happen” since the Olympics were awarded to Rio. Brazil has had approximately 10 years to work on the underlying issues.
  4. Money has no place in this. But it is driving the minimizing of the whole issue.
  5. As any activist in any part of the world is aware we are not “helping” our planet. Here is an example of just how far it is going to go. Are you really going to participate in an event which directly places all participants in direct line of fire of a situation which has been “handled”?
  6. 121 Generations. The Aedes mosquitoes have approximately a 3 week life cycle. They obviously live and require water. This water they have been flourishing on is the untreated human waste of Rio.  This includes antibiotics, viruses, plague, and bacteria.  With each of those generations growing and mutating the are automatically inoculated against the very weapons humankind has at our disposal because we have inoculated them.  We have altered their very genetic makeup to make them more resistant to that which we battle them with.

So welcome world to Rio. The head, latrine, lavatory, loo, potty, privy, water closet, outhouse…of the world.  Athletes state that it is worth the risk to win a metal.  I say, is it worth your life?  Is it worth your families life?  Is it worth your childrens?

I petition that new sites be found immediately. This begins with you.  Television will minimize the affect of moving things and it can still be called the Rio Olympics.  Only instead of being an area it will be what it truly is.  A World-Wide Event!


When It Is Ok to Discriminate in Today’s Modern World.

Never. This is the short answer.


And the long answer as well.

Regrettably, there are multiple bills across this nation stating for various reasons that it is ok to do so.

And just writing that sentence…writing this sentence seems like we have as a society stepped back at least twenty years in time.

Somewhere out there it became ok to state that your religion makes it ok to be this way.

Is not the foundation of any God love upon all it sees? Or does it spite those who live a life which is considered different or alternative?  The arguments begin to get heated when the foundation of any argument of God is that there is the underlying assertion:  God created all.  If this very simple premise is true then there is no basis to discriminate against any creature of God.  God created all.

Unfortunately there are more of those who hang on the past than the future. The past however also includes women who do not go to school and children who leave the home to work before fifteen.

I always find it ironic when any woman argues against equal rights for all.

Humanity’s success requires inclusiveness to be able move forward and advance.

Like rotary phones, horse and buggies, and tube televisions may this fade to obsolesces.