ALT = HATE Dangerous

Big corporations are in business to make money. It is that simple. CEO’s on average make more than 20 Million a year which is probably low. For them it is a bottom line business. And right now Hate adds to the bottom line. It is a part of the diversification of their portfolio which will generate consistent profits. The question which must be asked is should any corporation include such a line – repression of others – when considering profit.

When did the bottom line which includes hate become profitable? Whenever it can be exploited to make money is the answer. And to exploit it in a manner which any CEO can justify is the rationale.

The reality is that repression and hate has been profitable for some time. The publishing company is simply following the steps of another successful company which profits from hate. Chic-fil-a. Society in America talks about fairness and equality but then in the same breath states it should only be for individuals who believe the same things as they do, go to the same church, are a certain race, etc.

The big question is whether or not authors are sincere in moving their books and writings from a publisher who has agreed to the views of Milo Yiannopoulos and publish the thoughts of someone such as this. And the perfect irony of it all which can’t be lost on anyone is that Milo is a gay man. One has to wonder if that is false and stated simply to inflame for otherwise there is no logic or reason to his views other then they are scattered, misplaced, and simply stated for the drama of the theater of which he is paid handsomely. And paid by many.

It won’t and isn’t enough to protest the views. It will mean doing something that actually shows that America is not going to contribute to the bottom line of the Corporation. The corporation has – Simon and Schuster – given their response which was tepid to the concerns.

As long as there is money to be made – and there is – someone will step in and make it.

Will anyone actually remove it?


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