Disney and the influence of our Lives

You may recently have seen a new movie.  Something called Star Wars.

Disney owns many “properties” at this point and is leveraging them in ways not seen in some time.  They have ownership of entertainment and news.

In the past year at ESPN they have removed well spoken writers – Greg Easterbrook and Bill Simmons.

This is notable as Disney moves toward a general “all” appeal to the masses as to remove any actual real thought of subjects that should possible not only matter…but are actually important.

Mr. Easterbrook took on the subject of concussions and why the NFL was not doing enough about it.

Mr. Simmons created a site – Grantland – which explored various topics and subjects and was not immune to ruffling feathers either.  http://grantland.com/features/a-mysterious-physicist-golf-club-dr-v/

What is in common for both of these individuals?  They were both long-time employees of ESPN and Disney.

They were not fired or not renewed due to incompetent behaviors or thoughts.  They were not brought back since they do not fit the corporate image of what it means to be a part of Disney.


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