A new year. A happy year?

Hi.  This is my first post and I want to say hello.

I will be adding my thoughts, ideals, ideas and in general feeling of where things are currently and where they should be going.

This Blog/Facebook/Twitter/Instagram (eventually) for the last two is meant as a way for my voice to be heard.

I have many thoughts about what is occurring in our world and I am not entirely pleased with what is happening.

And yes I know…you are reading this – whoever you may be – and thinking “good luck!” with that.

I have a simple belief that ideas are more powerful than people realized and believe that the right ideas will and do change the world.

I hope you enjoy what I have published.

ps.  I write the things I do because I am but one.  For my thoughts to have impact I’d ask you to share what you see if you believe it is impactful or meaningful.  I believe this world can be changed and believe with your help it will be accomplished.


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