“I Apologize” President Trump

These are words one cannot imagine would be uttered from the leader of the free world.

They should be.  Accusing President Obama of wiretapping his phones and then making a big deal about it – in lieu of actual facts – is more than a little disheartening.

During the election cycle President Obama mostly stayed on the sidelines when it came to comments regarding President Trump. Now it is more apparent that he should not have. The President is not currently President because he ran a campaign based on truth and honesty and integrity.  President Trump is President because he ran a campaign based on deceit, corruption, and lies.  President Trump’s continued assault on the free press for reporting accurately the information as it becomes apparent further paints his words as skewed in truth, inaccurate, and generally deceptive. And as this continues to move forward – the Presidency of the 45th – it appears this is unlikely to wane.  This is perhaps the biggest issue.

Last anyone looked there is a new President in office. Attacking a former President who did more for the underprivileged, the climate, our education, and general rights generally, is appalling. It is however utilizing the play-book which allowed for President Trump to become President. Pander to the extreme right, drum up support from those who cannot utilize reason in a rational manner and stoke the flames of fear.

There is no honor in the words coming from President Trump’s mouth. There is no integrity from what he is saying. Ask Preet Bharara.

A man with the CIA and FBI at his disposal has many tools before him. He needs to utilize a few.

Starting with something most learned when they were just starting to play with and share some toys.  Some words that two-year-olds learn.  Two words.  And then why.

I’m Sorry.


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Make America Great! – update

While it would be premature to judge a president who is less than 60 days in office there are some distinct watermarks to observe at this point.

  1. The removal of guidance for a minority group and stating a move toward state rights. Utilizing power to not protect the weak but expose them. https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/education/trump-administration-poised-to-change-transgender-student-bathroom-guidelines/2017/02/21/cd690204-f7bf-11e6-9845-576c69081518_story.html?utm_term=.65014ea3cb95
  2. The offering of guidance on states choices for enforcement of certain drugs with the probably of returning billions of profits to Cartels and drugrunners. Utilizing power to return money to the strong and further hurt the weak. http://abcnews.go.com/Politics/wireStory/white-house-expects-justice-crackdown-legalized-marijuana-45697809
  3. The barring of certain press agencies by the White House. Utilizing power to censure and control free speech.      https://www.washingtonpost.com/news/the-fix/wp/2017/02/24/white-house-blocks-cnn-new-york-times-from-press-briefing-hours-after-trump-slams-media/?utm_term=.872379f93ad0
  4. And for the first question for the White House…this goes to an ALT right publication whose vetting of information leave much to be desired. Using power to spread misinformation and often times lies. http://bigstory.ap.org/article/61c231e80a8340688078f8a2497e9ed1
  5. The continuation of crimes against minority groups that are both explicitly and implicitly tied to the White House.       The lack of condemnation by the President using his Social Media platform is both distressing and alarming.   Using power to support discrimination and hate.
  6. Making statements which alarm our allies and threaten our “non-friends” which essentially makes things less safe globally for both our citizens and our allies. Using power to hurt America specifically.
  7. Creating an informal – or formal depending – Billionaires club in positions which runs completely contrary to the “drain the swamp” mantra which many believed. Not one appointee at this point has anything in common with the populace which elected the President.
  8. Twitter. Need anything more be said here?
  9. Throw in here what you wish. Immigration ban, feud with Mexico, promotion of daughters clothes, promotion of resorts and branding, ethics –what -, protecting the planet, protecting people, protecting society, women’s rights etc…
  10. Russia.  #Russia

America is great. It allows for many amazing things to occur and they do essentially by the minute in this great country.

America is great for there are checks and balances in place which help all.

I want to be hopeful for the coming years under this President and see him settle into the position and come to comprehend what it truly means, find his balance, and truly lead.

UN health agency rejects call to postpone Rio Olympics

I suppose that is the title that says it all.

It is however more than that. It is dangerous. And irresponsible.

I was thinking of some analogies with just how bad this is. Consider.

  1. Sending people into the Ebola zone of last year. And then dispersing them worldwide.
  2. When AIDS first appears and send people from every continent to the source and then sending them home. To have unprotected sex.
  3. And finally…send people from every part of the world to an area where there is zero containment, no addressing of current vectors of infection, and then the misleading and resistance to provide just how bad the situation is.

It is number three which is going to occur at this point. This will lead to world-wide birth defects, health issues, and death.

Instead of seeking to contain and eliminate an issue we will actively seek to assist a pathogen?

Can this really be true?

War Peace War

Currently we are spending Billions on a war which appears to have no end.

When would we consider to spend that same amount on Peace?

When those in the nations have yearly incomes of less than a thousand (1000) dollars a year imagine the difference even a million dollars would/will have.

It begins with education. An area which even in our country we are falling down on.

Infrastructure. Schools.  Hospitals.  Roads.

An actual future built for those countries and eventually for this world.

Welcome to the Rio Olympics – a place of Beauty and Wonder.

Soon this region will accept into their fold the elite athletes and their families and coaches. It is a time where all the years of hard work and sacrifice will be rewarded through possible new records, achievements and accomplishments.

It is a time which much preparation has gone into. Unfortunately this preparation has been almost entirely one-sided.  The single-minded drive and passion of the athletes should be reflected by the venue which this year is happening in Rio.

So a few numbers to consider. The number of actual participants.  The number of volunteers.  The number of coaches.  The number of sponsors.  The number of dollars.  The number of mosquitoes.

Currently the World Health Organization has completely minimized the issues around the Zika virus and the mosquitoes which are responsible for it.

Just a cursory glance at the facts and the information coming out of the area make relatively simple conclusions which correlate with that information.


  1. Over a year ago it was determined that the water in venues which the athletes were to be competing was not safe. That individuals were getting ill and showing symptoms from any exposure to the water.
  2. That any testing that was to be done was slowed to the point that it was and is only effective is showing that there is an issue. But what exactly is that issue?
  3. These issues did not just “happen” since the Olympics were awarded to Rio. Brazil has had approximately 10 years to work on the underlying issues.
  4. Money has no place in this. But it is driving the minimizing of the whole issue.
  5. As any activist in any part of the world is aware we are not “helping” our planet. Here is an example of just how far it is going to go. Are you really going to participate in an event which directly places all participants in direct line of fire of a situation which has been “handled”?
  6. 121 Generations. The Aedes mosquitoes have approximately a 3 week life cycle. They obviously live and require water. This water they have been flourishing on is the untreated human waste of Rio.  This includes antibiotics, viruses, plague, and bacteria.  With each of those generations growing and mutating the are automatically inoculated against the very weapons humankind has at our disposal because we have inoculated them.  We have altered their very genetic makeup to make them more resistant to that which we battle them with.

So welcome world to Rio. The head, latrine, lavatory, loo, potty, privy, water closet, outhouse…of the world.  Athletes state that it is worth the risk to win a metal.  I say, is it worth your life?  Is it worth your families life?  Is it worth your childrens?

I petition that new sites be found immediately. This begins with you.  Television will minimize the affect of moving things and it can still be called the Rio Olympics.  Only instead of being an area it will be what it truly is.  A World-Wide Event!


When It Is Ok to Discriminate in Today’s Modern World.

Never. This is the short answer.


And the long answer as well.

Regrettably, there are multiple bills across this nation stating for various reasons that it is ok to do so.

And just writing that sentence…writing this sentence seems like we have as a society stepped back at least twenty years in time.

Somewhere out there it became ok to state that your religion makes it ok to be this way.

Is not the foundation of any God love upon all it sees? Or does it spite those who live a life which is considered different or alternative?  The arguments begin to get heated when the foundation of any argument of God is that there is the underlying assertion:  God created all.  If this very simple premise is true then there is no basis to discriminate against any creature of God.  God created all.

Unfortunately there are more of those who hang on the past than the future. The past however also includes women who do not go to school and children who leave the home to work before fifteen.

I always find it ironic when any woman argues against equal rights for all.

Humanity’s success requires inclusiveness to be able move forward and advance.

Like rotary phones, horse and buggies, and tube televisions may this fade to obsolesces.

Mirage: The low price of fuel and the future…

We find ourselves walking the desert seeking refuge and the waves of heat rise obscuring our vision of what is in front of us.

It appears clear and as we continue our walk our focus, sharpens.

And before our feet lay the bounty we seek. Shiny and bright and sparkling as the sun shines off of it.

And just like diamonds…completely worthless.

And then we begin to see clearly what it is that is occurring.

Currently energy has been in a bit of a free fall. There is a lot of speculation about why this is and the simple answer is the very simple economic principle of supply and demand.  The United States over the past eight years or so has ramped up renewable energy sources which has significantly reduced demand.  And as these policies continue to gain a foothold the largest supplier has taken note.

During this slide of prices supply has been fairly constant while demand keeps falling. This is not by accident in any manner.  This is deliberate.  The average consumer sees the savings that they are receiving and looking at purchasing vehicles that consume more fuel, burn more oil and in general are more wasteful.

And what is currently occurring is the producers of oil are driving aside the renewables. Simple economic laws.

Take a minute or two and look at countries who produce far less oil and see what this current slide is doing to their economies.

Saudi Arabia has seen the future and realizes that if the United States continues to become more energy independent this would essentially destroy them. Very few actually create or build anything and when they do the results are less than desirable.  Ask yourself why they fly the best in to build for them…and then this is also a country to subjugates and actively harms the female sex.

Our polices are in full force but can be easily undone by the next wave of elected incompetence who seek to undo that which will and does cost more. Their hold will easily slip if those see only the present and that which is there before themselves.

Speaking of which…when did it become acceptable to elect those to office who represent none of what it is to be American?

I see the illusion which is created by the mirage.

It is Fata Morgana




How the NRA is failing it members

The NRA – National Rifle Association – is an association which was established in 1871.

I will discuss no numbers or statistics here.

I only wish to say that instead of proposing a solution to the mass-murders, the deaths and the violence which continues to occur that our NRA only shoots down options, possibilities, and choices.

Propose, team with others and move forward into the new year.  Develop a solution which addresses what is happening.

Why are you, the NRA silent on proposing a solution or have a clear plan of reducing violence which involve guns?

Why is there not a 10-step plan which I can go to and read about right now?

Your lack of vision will ultimately hurt all gun owners.


A Leader, A Hero, A thought

For some, leading others comes easily and is simple to identify in others.

I figure it is best to clearly identify just what this should mean and define it in a way which is easy to understand.

Generally speaking a Hero is not someone who wears tights and we see them on the silver screen saving the planets or cities of our galaxy.

A hero is someone who sees a wrong.  A hero is someone who makes a choice to do something about that wrong.  A hero is someone who speaks up for those who have no voice.  A hero is a person who will at times be ridiculed for what they say.  A hero may lose everything they have.

And a hero is someone who may just be you.