Mirage: The low price of fuel and the future…

We find ourselves walking the desert seeking refuge and the waves of heat rise obscuring our vision of what is in front of us.

It appears clear and as we continue our walk our focus, sharpens.

And before our feet lay the bounty we seek. Shiny and bright and sparkling as the sun shines off of it.

And just like diamonds…completely worthless.

And then we begin to see clearly what it is that is occurring.

Currently energy has been in a bit of a free fall. There is a lot of speculation about why this is and the simple answer is the very simple economic principle of supply and demand.  The United States over the past eight years or so has ramped up renewable energy sources which has significantly reduced demand.  And as these policies continue to gain a foothold the largest supplier has taken note.

During this slide of prices supply has been fairly constant while demand keeps falling. This is not by accident in any manner.  This is deliberate.  The average consumer sees the savings that they are receiving and looking at purchasing vehicles that consume more fuel, burn more oil and in general are more wasteful.

And what is currently occurring is the producers of oil are driving aside the renewables. Simple economic laws.

Take a minute or two and look at countries who produce far less oil and see what this current slide is doing to their economies.

Saudi Arabia has seen the future and realizes that if the United States continues to become more energy independent this would essentially destroy them. Very few actually create or build anything and when they do the results are less than desirable.  Ask yourself why they fly the best in to build for them…and then this is also a country to subjugates and actively harms the female sex.

Our polices are in full force but can be easily undone by the next wave of elected incompetence who seek to undo that which will and does cost more. Their hold will easily slip if those see only the present and that which is there before themselves.

Speaking of which…when did it become acceptable to elect those to office who represent none of what it is to be American?

I see the illusion which is created by the mirage.

It is Fata Morgana





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