War Peace War

Currently we are spending Billions on a war which appears to have no end.

When would we consider to spend that same amount on Peace?

When those in the nations have yearly incomes of less than a thousand (1000) dollars a year imagine the difference even a million dollars would/will have.

It begins with education. An area which even in our country we are falling down on.

Infrastructure. Schools.  Hospitals.  Roads.

An actual future built for those countries and eventually for this world.

A Leader, A Hero, A thought

For some, leading others comes easily and is simple to identify in others.

I figure it is best to clearly identify just what this should mean and define it in a way which is easy to understand.

Generally speaking a Hero is not someone who wears tights and we see them on the silver screen saving the planets or cities of our galaxy.

A hero is someone who sees a wrong.  A hero is someone who makes a choice to do something about that wrong.  A hero is someone who speaks up for those who have no voice.  A hero is a person who will at times be ridiculed for what they say.  A hero may lose everything they have.

And a hero is someone who may just be you.